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We're the pioneers in the "Friend Cloud" space.

"Friend Cloud" (noun)
A cloud for friends. A mix between Public and Private Cloud.

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New (March 2021): The 2020 Transparency Report is out now!
New (March 2021): The 2020 Financial Report is out now!

LavaTech Team (Discord and Email):
  • aveao/AveSatanas (ave#5554,
  • Luna ( on xmpp,

  • Service Agreement:
  • The LavaTech Service Agreement can be found here

  • Our generic services:
  • (FOSS image host, note:'s team is bigger)
  • Elstat (uptime tracking software)
  • Our official Tier 2 Arch Linux mirror (Link to mirror, link to information on
  • Our official Manjaro mirror (Link to mirror)
  • Our yiffOS mirror (Link to mirror)
  • XMPP services
  • Gitdab
  • Deprecated: Searx instance
  • New (April 2020): Bitwarden_rs instance with all features as, and with backups every 6 hours. Every account gets premium, and can create organizations. This is a new instance, and old instance is now removed. See here for more information.
  • New (September 2020): LavaHut, our instance for friends. If you need access, you know how to contact us.
  • New (November 2020): LavaDNS v2 (LavaDNS is NOT 90DNS.)
  • Deprecated: LavaDNS v1 (IP address and additional info, Binder: our DNS server) (LavaDNS is NOT 90DNS.)

  • Our Nintendo Switch services:
  • 90DNS (at and, configs and additional info)

  • Business quotes (professional):
    "Great" "Lavate is really a great place to go for your needs and st&ff . I recommend it" "it do be good, originally came for the shitpost and stayed for the shitpost, 10/10 would join again" "Lava tech is the future , . Many service at many speed . I recomend 4/5 ." "The" "How do get Lavatech services no subscription. Oh wait its free. Oh wait this isnt google osrry ." "This startup truly offers a multiexperience, it's a wonder among small actors of the big data. You know what I love? They fear nothing. Their business model is dirupting the market while showing hyperautomation can succeed with good devops. They have a computer vision, and will also become a pilar within the internet of things realm. On top of that, it is very blockchain I love it very much, I'm truly hyped to see what these rockstar will offer to the world next." " Web 14 " "i want to use service but my sharex have error help??!!!!" " " "alert(1) // did it work"
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